9th European CubeSat Symposium

European CubeSat Symposium - Nanosatellites for Science and Technology Research.

We strive again to invite you to a new symposium concept.
This year the 9th European CubeSat Symposium will take place at the beautiful Kursaal Event Hall in Ostend (Belgium) from November 29th to December 1st 2017.

To foster the evolution of the CubeSats reality from a "University tool" to a "Science tool", the CubeSat Symposium will be co-located (same time, same place) with the European Space Weather Week.
It will be the occasion to discuss discoveries on space weather and space climate with potential customers or future partners.

As usual, we have tried to organize this Symposium giving importance to the most relevant topics in the CubeSat world, from Technology Demonstrators and Scientific Missions to the Future Technologies and the Space Exploration with CubeSats.

In detail, the Symposium is covering the following topics:
- Novel Scientific Instruments/Sensors on CubeSats
- Propulsion Subsystems
- Attitude Determination and Control Subsystems
- Telecommunications, Ground Stations and Ground Station Networks
- Orbital Dynamics (e.g. de-orbiting and debris mitigation)
- CubeSat Constellations
- Scientific Missions
- Technology Demonstration on CubeSats (e.g. formation flying, intersatellite link, sails, tethers, etc)
- Space Exploration Missions with CubeSat (i.e. beyond Earth orbit)
- Launchers and Deployers for CubeSats
- Future Technologies on CubeSats
- CubeSat Flight Experience and Lessons Learned

Renowned speakers from NASA and ESA will give talks on their perspectives on past and future development of CubeSats.
Moreover, a special session of the Symposium is dedicated to the outcome of the QB50 mission (lessons learned and first scientific results).

If you are interested in contributing to this event, please submit your abstract before July 17th 2017.
Registrations and abstract submission are open.
For more information on the venue, registration, deadlines, abstract guidelines, sponsorship and exhibitors, please visit the symposium website www.cubesatsymposium.eu

Spread the word, meet CubeSat enthusiasts and friends!