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Atlas V GEMSat Launch 2013

Twelve CubeSats are set to launch aboard an Atlas V rocket with the NROL-39 primary payload from Vandenberg AFB in California on December 5, 2013. The CubeSat payloads have been provided through NASA's Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) program and the NRO's Mission Integration Directorate (MID). The launch window will be announced as it gets closer to launch day. Below is information about each CubeSat including tracking information where available and links to developers' websites. For launch status, see Spaceflight Now's mission status page.

Satellite Name
Beacon Details
More Info
Montana State University, University of New Hampshire, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Aerospace Corp.
1.5U (x2)

Flight Unit 1: 437.405 MHz

Flight Unit 2: 437.230 MHz

GMSK AX.25 9600bps, 1W, 60 sec period

More Info
Aerospace Corp.
1.5U (x2)


Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)


460 MHz, GFSK, 12.5% duty cycle (5 seconds of 3 bursts per second then 40 seconds of RX)

Beacon is based on when ALICE is 2 minutes away from AOS contact with our ground station. This information is uploaded from ephemeris data from our ground station. Will beacon until comms are established.

More Info

SNaPU.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command

MCubed-2Michigan eXploration Laboratory
1U437.485 MHz, 9600 baud, 10 sec period

More Info


Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York

1U437.505 MHz, 9600 bps GMSK, CWMore Info

5IPEXCal Poly, PolySat
1U437.270MHz: Morse Code of "IPEX" every 45s at 15wpm, 9600 baud AX.25 FSK Beacon every 127s and 20s.
More Info

6SMDC-ONE (David)U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
More Info

7TacSat-6U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command

8SMDC-ONE (Charlie)U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
More Info

The CubeSats are integrated into 8 P-POD deployers which are contained in the NPSCuL built by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). The NPSCuL together with the 8 P-PODs and 12 CubeSats is referred to as the Government Experimental Multi-Satellite (GEMSat), and is attached to the Centaur upper stage's Aft Bulkhead Carrier (ABC). The assembled GEMSat is shown in the photo below ready for mate to the launch vehicle along with members of the GEMSat team consisting of NPS, Office of Space Launch (OSL), United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Cal Poly, SLO.

For those of you supporting us on launch day, don't forget to join the IRC channel. Information about the channel can be found at


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